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Argos (Riots)


Everyone in Riotpolis knew Argos, the stray dog. Despite his appearance, this little doggy was probably the bravest creature in town and a hero to boot! He’d saved a young #Reeplay from very nearly being crushed, rescued baby #Lindsey after her motorised pushchair spun out of control and fished little #Octana out of a drilling well. On more than once occasion, this brave little dog had literally sacrificed life and limb for the people of Riotspolis who always did all they could to replace the limbs he’d so heroically forsaken. In fact, during the last landslide Argos’s days would have been numbered had Pericles himself not gone back down to pull the animal out from under the rubble. Then, deciding to adopt him, the Patriarch named him honorary citizen of the town and arranged a wonderful retirement for him within the Alma Mater.


If Argos loses the fight, the player controlling Argos will win 2 Pillz at the end of the round up to a maximum of 11.

Bonus de Clan

If Riots wins or loses the fight, the player controlling Riots will receive 1 Pillz at the end of the round.

Ability at level 2
Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz
Defeat: + 2 Pillz Max. 11
Victory Or Defeat : +1 Pillz

Meilleures offres sur le Market (30 offres au total)

Vendu parTemps restantLevelXPPrix
Ortega999968h, 53minmax11 000 Clintz
SH-Doux Yeti55h, 32minmax12 000 Clintz
SH-Doux Yeti54h, 51minmax12 000 Clintz
01_cronos_0154h, 46minmax12 400 Clintz
SH-Doux Yeti54h, 36minmax12 500 Clintz

Evolution du prix sur le Market

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